ORCID IdP as a last resort


This is the ORCID IdP as a last resort prototype!


Many research collaborations as well as campus services need a solution to deal with guest identity, as in many cases not all users are members of the academic Identity Federations. As a result several federation operators as well as research collaborations operate IdPs or proxies to allow users to authenticate trough external identity providers like social ones. This has lead to serious reinventing of the the wheel. The need for guest identities burdens the SPs with the integration costs and along the way may force guest users to use specific IdPs as implemented by the SP, which they may not want or may not be able to use, only because the SP decided only to implement a few of these solutions. In the GN4-2 project a first pilot was run as part of the eduTEAMS activity to investigate if a centralized service could be offered to resolve these issues. The aim of eduTEAMS service was to resolve these issues by providing a solution that is technically alike any other IdP in edUGAIN so the integration cost is reduced to zero, and offers multiple IdPs so the guest users may choose what they want/can to use.

This pilot aims to bring ORCID into the IDhub solution, with formal support from ORCID. It also investigates the (technical) improvements needed to better scale the IDhub solution and will begin a dialog with the service activities to make the pilot move towards a full service offering under the GEANT umbrella.